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On your backyard deck, you can barbecue, dine, sunbathe, play with your family, and more. That way you want to make sure it always looks good. Unfortunately, outdoor timber structures are prone to weather damage over time. Rain and sunlight can contribute to the deterioration of the aesthetics and structure of a wooden deck. To prevent this damage, we can apply a variety of weathering and sealants, depending on the size of the project.

Water Damage

Excessive moisture can cause wood to bend, rot, or grow mold. During and after a storm, water can seep into your deck boards through cracks or cracks in the wood, as well as through nail holes or screws. The longer the plates remain wet, the greater the likelihood of permanent damage.

While certain types of wood rot more than others, most decks should be sealed every two to two years. So how do you know if your deck is polluting the water? If the wood seems to be absorbing water after a storm instead of watering it, it’s time to give your deck some TLC.

We begin the deck repair process by replacing weak, warped, or rotten boards. Next, we sweep the deck and wash with a heavy duty putty or hose. Let the wood dry completely. Then apply the sealant of your choice that matches the design and materials of your deck.

Use weather-proofing agents when the sun is shining and the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees for best results.

Sun Damage

Direct sunlight and extreme heat can make the wood fade and make your once lively deck look gray. Heat can also dry wooden boards, and dry boards are more susceptible to water retention. Bring back the previous color of your wood by applying a deck lighting solution available at most hardware stores. Or take the opportunity to transform your deck by coloring the wood. You can apply the stain or hire a deck coloring company for a professional and consistent finish.

After the stain has completely dried, apply an anti-weathering agent that blocks UV rays. This protects the wood and paint from other sun damage. Apply sunscreen to clean plates on a sunny, mild day, such as water-resistant sealers.

Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature fluctuations can stress the wood. A sharp drop in temperature leads to a contraction of the wood, while a sudden warming leads to an expansion of the wood. If the temperature rises and comes back repeatedly, it may happen that nails increase as the boards change. Hammer these nails back or replace them with longer nails or wood screws to allow some movement. Replace torn plates to prevent people from tripping or chipping.

For each deck repair or restoration, always check the structural columns and top plates. Heavily weakened wood may collapse and cause personal injury and property damage. Even if your deck doesn’t seem to be getting worse on the surface, it’s always a good idea to rate it once a year. Regardless of whether you repair or consult a specialist, a well-maintained outdoor deck will enhance your home and provide years of fun for your family.

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